Issues with SDKs working correctly across multiple languages

How to establish and configure best practices for 7+ programming languages for all WorkOS developers.


Trunk Check auto-discovers and configures all necessary linters for the myriad programming languages

Trunk Check empowers WorkOS team to standardize tool versions, preventing conflicts


Eliminated customer complaints around SDKs

Thorough linting and best practices in place for every language

Quick and hassle-free environment setup for all developers

“I was able to get Trunk Check configured and running in hours, whereas alternatives would have easily taken weeks or months with all the discovery of the best practices and tools for all the languages.”
Software Engineer on DevEx Squad

Who is WorkOs

WorkOS was founded in 2019 to offer a modern API platform that empowers developers to quickly build and ship enterprise features for their customers like Single Sign-On (SAML), Directory Sync (SCIM), and Admin Portals (enterprise onboarding).

Their environment


Total Employees




Programming Languages



The Problem: SDK Inconsistencies and Customer Dissatisfaction

WorkOS faced a critical issue: their SDKs, which are crucial to their product, were not functioning consistently across different programming languages. Vitor Capretz, a Software Engineer on the DevEx Squad, explains, "Our documentation had code snippets telling our users how to implement WorkOS in seven different languages. We wanted to implement changes to provide better support for each of these languages. We began to make those changes, but the new snippets wouldn’t work properly."

"Our developers weren't familiar with coding best practices for all the languages we support, leading to faulty code snippets in our documentation. We couldn't rely on our developers to understand enough of each language to actually help catch issues and understand what patterns are required to implement solid SDKs in each language. We needed linters to provide guardrails for the team."

The result? A surge in customer complaints.  Vitor recalls that his manager scoured the internet to find potential solutions to this major problem. He shared, "This was an urgent problem for the entire team since we didn’t want customers to perceive us as a company that lacks attention to detail and has a product that simply doesn’t work.”

The team needed a tool that could act as a safety net, preventing errors before they reached the customers. Vitor adds. They knew they’d need a sophisticated tool because “we didn’t have the bandwidth to learn the best practices for each language and then to turn on all the tools required for each. It felt like an impossible task.”

The Solution: Implementing Trunk Check

After extensive research, Vitor's manager discovered Trunk Check. Vitor recalls, "Trunk Check not only managed the installation of all the linters but also helped in setting up the correct environment for every developer. It even pinned the right versions of tools to avoid conflicts."

The implementation was swift. "Trunk Check was up and running in hours, a feat that would have taken weeks or even months with other solutions," says Vitor. “Trunk’s universal meta-linting functionality was just what we needed. All the alternatives were going to be too complicated to implement and would have easily taken weeks or months with all the discovery of the best practices and tools for all the languages.”

The Impact: A Win-Win for Both Developers and Customers

The WorkOS team immediately recognized the value of Trunk Check. "The speed at which Trunk operates ensured no delays in our CI processes," Vitor notes. Now, their documentation is reliable, and customer complaints have vanished.

Vitor concludes, "Trunk Check is a game-changer for any team that uses multiple programming languages.  It’s the most straightforward way to install everything you need, get it up and running, and never have to worry about it anymore. Plus, their Slack support is top-notch."

“ Trunk made a huge difference for us as far as customer satisfaction. It’s hard to measure the true value of the impact.”
Software Engineer on DevEx Squad

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