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At Trunk, our goal is to help teams build software better, faster. We formed in 2021 to create a holistic developer experience toolkit and now we’re backed by phenomenal investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Initialized Capital. We’re a hybrid remote team spread across the country, with an office in San Francisco.



Our team has led and delivered large-scale software and design projects in multiple startups and high-growth environments like Uber, Google, Amazon, and Sentry.

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Eli Schleifer
Eli Schleifer Co-CEO/FounderPreviously: Uber, GoogleFavorite hobby: Woodworking
David Apirian
David Apirian Co-CEO/FounderPreviously: Uber, BitTorrentFavorite ingredient of the moment: Sichuan peppercorns
Matt Matheson
Matt Matheson FounderPreviously: Uber, MicrosoftFavorite Outdoors Activity: Mountain Biking
Chris Clearwater
Chris Clearwater FounderPreviously: Uber, AristocratFavorite food: Eggs Benedict
Tyler Jang
Tyler Jang EngineeringPreviously: Appian, Duke UniversityFavorite movie: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
Gabe Al-Harbi
Gabe Al-Harbi EngineeringPreviously: Uber, VerseonAn interesting place I've traveled to: Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park
Suzie Ross
Suzie Ross RecruitingPreviously: Roblox, DiscordFavorite hobby: Building LEGO
Federico Weber
Federico Weber EngineeringPreviously: Buffer, IFTTTFavorite hobby: Making things, with bits and atoms
Vladimir Zaytsev
Vladimir Zaytsev EngineeringPreviously: Uber, AmazonFavorite hobby: Cameras and Filming
Nikhil Birmiwal
Nikhil Birmiwal EngineeringPreviously: Google, MicrosoftFavorite concert: Flume! (but I really want to see Kaytranada)
Phil Vendola
Phil Vendola EngineeringPreviously: Lutron ElectronicsSecret talent: I can clap with one hand
Dylan Frankland
Dylan Frankland EngineeringPreviously: NarvarFavorite Pokémon: Haunter
Chris Clark
Chris Clark DesignPreviously: Sentry, SpringFavorite hobby: Vacuuming Pet Fur
Lauri Takacsi
Lauri Takacsi EngineeringPreviously: Uber, GoogleFavorite travel destination: family summer cottage in central finland
Patrick Willett
Patrick Willett EngineeringPreviously: Uber, EndecaFavorite hobby: Tinkering, woodworking
Sam Lijin
Sam Lijin EngineeringPreviously: Google, FormlabsFavorite travel destination: Backpacking in Iceland
Jenny Ma
Jenny Ma EngineeringPreviously: DoorDashFavorite snack: XXTRA Hot Cheetos
Maverick EngineeringPreviously: MetaFavorite hobby: Hacking
Riya Narayan
Riya Narayan EngineeringPreviously: Meta, UPennA recent place I’ve traveled to: Colombia
Elton Leong
Elton Leong EngineeringPreviously: Merge, MetaFavorite game: League of Legends
Kelsey Siman
Kelsey Siman EngineeringPreviously: TwitterFavorite TV show (of this year): Andor
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We’ve raised over twenty-eight million from some of the industry’s most prestigious investors.

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$3.5 MillionSeed Round
Andreessen Horowitz
$25 MillionSeries A
Initialized Capital
Andreessen Horowitz

Our Investors

Garry Tan
Garry TanInitialized Capital
Peter Levine
Peter LevineAndreessen Horowitz

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