Your engineers hate flaky tests.

51% of engineers* experience flaky tests weekly.

Merges get blocked, developer velocity suffers, and resource allocation becomes a pain. With Trunk, you can identify, manage, and mitigate flaky tests easily.

*Here’s where we’re getting this number. We think it’s even higher in robust repos.
Simulation of Trunk’s dashboard
Image of flaky tests being quarantined

Quarantine Flaky Tests

Put your CI on the happy path by quarantining known flaky tests from affecting your CI workflows. Eliminate the slog of spamming the CI retry button to get your pull request through. Trunk intelligently sidelines known flaky tests so unrelated test failures don't block your progress.

Github Comment about Flaky Tests

Inline Flaky Test Reports

Transform your development cycle by delivering actionable insights right in your pull requests. Instantly understand test outcomes with clear summaries of failed and flaky tests to streamline your workflow.

Image of flaky test list

Automate Flaky Test Detection

Get immediate insight into your repository's test reliability and understand the productivity impact of flaky tests. Analyze failure patterns to identify and address the root cause of bad tests quickly.