Engineers Hate Flaky Tests. We can help.

Trunk Flaky Tests detects, quarantines, and eliminates flaky tests from your code base. Any language, any test runner, any CI provider. We’ve got you covered.

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How are flaky tests impacting your organization?

CI hours wasted per month


Engineering hours lost per month


Intelligent Test Analytics

AI-powered summaries and analysis autogroup failures and help you track the history and stabilty of your tests. No need to review hundreds of hard-to-read logs to track patterns.

  • Intelligent Test Analytics

    Intelligent Test Analytics

    AI-powered summaries show you what you need to know to identify the root cause as quickly as possible. No need to review hundreds of hard-to-read logs.

  • Prioritize the worst offenders

    Prioritize the worst offenders

    Rank your flaky tests according to their impact on your engineering organization. Pinpoint the repositories, teams, and services hurt most by flaky tests.

  • Integrated Ticketing

    Integrated Ticketing

    Track your flaky tests where you track your engineering work. With native integration with your own ticketing tools you can ensure flaky and broken tests don’t fester in your codebase without ownership.

  • Alerting


    Flaky tests are going to happen - receive direct slack and email alerts when tests become flaky or are deemed healthy. Weekly email summaries help you track trends in your testing infrastructure.

  • Auto-Quarantining



    Stop disabling your broken and flaky tests - quarantine them. Quarantined tests won’t slow your team down, but Trunk will still monitor them. By quarantining failures during CI, you maintain visibility and coverage of your less-than-perfect tests without slowing down engineering.

Seamless Integration

Trunk integrates with all the technologies you’ll ever need.

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