Pain points of running clang-tidy

Enabling New Rules

Your team wants to turn on new rules in your .clang-tidy file but doing so would enforce those rules on the entirety of your codebase. You're essentially stuck burning sprints trying to get your C++ code base in compliance.

Endless PR Cycling

When you're only running clang-tidy in CI, your engineers spend time thrashing their PRs to get their code passing. Fixes that can be discovered locally in minutes, take half an hour to uncover.

It's Slow

While clang-tidy is the gold standard in helping enforce C++ code quality, for many teams the complexity of running it in the critical engineering path is too onerous and time-consuming.

Key Features

  • Only block on new issues

    With Trunk Check's Hold-the-Line feature, your pre-exisitng clang-tidy violations are auto-quarantined. Your engineers are only blocked from introducing new violations of your .clang-tidy ruleset.

    <p>Only block on new issues</p>
  • Pre-cache clang-tidy results

    In order to keep your engineers working efficiently, Trunk monitors changes to your C++/C code in real-time and executes clang-tidy in the background. This means you spend more time coding and less time watching clang-tidy spin.

    <p>Pre-cache clang-tidy results</p>
  • Deadsimple installation

    Trunk Check manages the hermetic installation, execution, and parsing of clang-tidy on your local machine and in your cloud - guaranteeing that the results you see locally are the same that you see in the cloud. You'll never have to hear - “doesn’t repro on my box” again.

    <p>Deadsimple installation</p>

Automated Code Quality for your C++ Codebase

  • Improved Ergonomics

    No more wonky-bash scripts - trunk check provides a clean modern CLI that knows which automates the installation, execution of reporting from every tool we integrate.

    <p>Improved Ergonomics</p>
  • Targeted Code Quality

    With trunk check you only have to worry about the code you touch - not the files you are editing. That clang-tidy rule you've been itching to enable is finally easy to enforce without sparking an engineering rebellion.

    <p>Targeted Code Quality</p>
  • Faster Reviews

    With built-in support for git-hooks trunk check can catch all your code quality issues before you push to the clould. You can make sure all issues big and small are addressed pre-push keeping your engineers in flow.

    <p>Faster Reviews</p>
  • Continuous Code Improvement

    Turn on new rules without worrying about slowing down engineering. Trunk Check makes it easy to improve and adapt your coding standards without killing engineering productivity.

    <p>Continuous Code Improvement</p>

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