Problems with legacy merge queues:

Queues get backed up

High volume of PRs overwhelms merge queues, as each requires testing against others, leading to inefficiencies and delays

Simple changes still need to wait

In FIFO merge queues, even minor changes must wait in sequential order, causing delays.

Accelerate Your Merging Queue with built-in Nx Integration

Utilizing your Nx dependency graph, we create a real-time dynamic parallel queue. Simply integrate our ready-made GitHub Action to send us Nx dependency info, and you’re all set.

Built for Scale

  • Priority Management

    Fast-Track Urgent PRs to the front of the line

    <p>Priority Management</p>
  • Concurrency

    Simultaneously Test Multiple PRs for Higher Throughput

  • Health

    Proactive Monitoring and Alerts for Reliable Merge Operations

"Employing a merge queue consistently at Faire saved more time than the full working hours of a dedicated engineer."
Senior Software Engineer at Faire

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