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Code Quality Solved.

With 50+ linters and counting, Trunk makes it dead-simple to identify, install, configure, and run the right linters, static analyzers, and formatters.

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Check Everything

We check every major technology and every language. Includes 50+ linters, formatters, static code analysis tools and spell/grammar checkers.


Trunk only blocks on newly introduced issues, so you can make incremental fixes to your codebase.

Blazing Fast Results

Trunk works in the background so results are ready when you need them. No more waiting minutes before you can push.

Continuous Caching

Check results for your repo are always cached and continuously updated. No need to recompute all checks and wait every time you push code.

Hermetic & Sandboxed

Trunk manages the downloading and updating of all your configured tools, so you always get the same results locally and in CI.

Prevent Leaked Secrets

Check for exposed secrets on local machines before pushing them to GitHub. No more rotating secrets and rewriting git history.

Runs Where and When You Code

In CI or locally, Trunk works the same everywhere, providing the exact same results for everyone on your team.

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Monitor and investigate failed pull requests.

Trunk only blocks on newly introduced issues, allowing you to make incremental fixes to your codebase. This allows you to turn on new checks without bringing development to a standstill.

A Smarter Check Stack

Once installed on a repo, Trunk automatically installs the linters, analyzers, and formatters relevant to your repo.

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