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Detailed analytics for GitHub Actions.

Instantly identify slow workflows, flaky jobs, and problematic runner pools.

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Trunk CI Analytics provides powerful dashboards to help you understand the performance of your GitHub Actions.

Introspect your Workflow and Job performance by exploring detailed charts and metrics. Track trends over time to prioritize improvements to your CI infrastructure and Workflow configuration.

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Track trends over time

Concise charts help you track the latency and throughput of your workflows, as well as runner usage and spending.
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Deep dive into metrics

Use detailed visualizations to triage issues with specific Workflows or tune Runners or Runner Pools.
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Trunk CI Analytics monitors your GitHub Actions usage and notifies you when there’s an issue.

Monitor the performance metrics you care about most, and get notifications so you can respond to issues when they happen instead of your developers having to tell you something is wrong.

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Monitor critical signals

Be alerted when Jobs are waiting too long for Runners, when CI time suddenly doubles, or when failure rates spike.
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Get alerts where you need

Subscribe to alerts via Slack, email, SMS, and more to help your team respond to issues right away.

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