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A Better Way To Merge.

Protecting your main branch—and your developers’ time—is hard. Merge is an intelligent service that orchestrates merging pull requests to maintain a repository of code that always passes tests.

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Merge With Your Workflow

Merge your pull request from the CLI or directly from GitHub.

Merge When You’re Ready

Submit your pull request when you’re ready, Trunk will merge it when checks pass.

Track Your Pull Requests

See what’s next to merge and when your pull request will be merged.

Monitor Your Merge Queue

Stay up to date with metrics about how pull requests are performing. Monitor how long tests take, failure rate, and more.

Prioritize & Evict Pull Requests

Administrators have power tools to make sure the most important pull requests merge first.

GitHub Support

Merge supports merging pull requests on GitHub, other providers coming soon!

Monitor the health of your merge queue and diagnose problems quickly

Powerful charts and dashboards surface the most important information, enabling you to diagnose and fix issues with your pull request flow quickly.

View a detailed timeline of your pull request

Detailed timelines about the progress of each pull request provides you the information you need when administering large repositories.

Track your pull requests where you work

Get the status of your pull requests from the Trunk CLI, on, or directly on your pull request—wherever it makes the most sense for you.

Example of tracking pull request progress through Merge in GitHub

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