🎁 New

  • Added a new severity level, note, which is not blocking by default.

  • Trunk can now upload issues to our web app without requiring our GitHub app to be installed.

✨ Improvements

  • Trunk now provides more informative text for many commands.

  • Trunk will now attempt to repair symlinks in the .trunk directory on startup.

  • Added support for gzipped executables via the rename_single_file option. Learn more.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed an off-by-one error in the LSP server when a file did not end with a newline.

  • Addressed several edge cases where Trunk would incorrectly complain that a trunk-ignore was not suppressing an issue.

  • A trunk-ignore that is not suppressing a lint issue is now assigned note severity and is not blocking by default.

  • Fixed an edge case involving golangci-lint and Trunk's sandboxing.