ūüéĀ New

  • New tool:¬†clangd.

‚ú® Improvements

  • Don't autoenable¬†gokart¬†and¬†tfsec.

  • Lower the¬†hadolint¬†timeout.

  • Update definitions to use the new¬†run_from¬†syntax.

  • Add¬†mts¬†as a typescript file extension.

  • Update¬†jq¬†definition and release label.

  • Update copy on¬†oxipng¬†autofixes.

  • Update default¬†ruff¬†config to not report diagnostics for python docstrings.

  • Update tool testing framework to use healthchecks.

ūüĒß Fixes

  • Fix¬†tfsec¬†output related to trivy migration.

  • Fix¬†trufflehog¬†to ignore PagerDutyApiKey and LaunchDarkly, which can include many false positives.