ūüéĀ New

  • New runtime: php

  • New linter and tool:¬†tofu

  • New linter:¬†phpstan

  • New¬†Poetry¬†git-hook actions

  • New tool:¬†difft

  • New tool:¬†yq

  • New tool:¬†goreleaser. Thanks¬†@matthewbaggett¬†for the contribution!

‚ú® Improvements

  • Breaking change: Update default¬†commitlint¬†to¬†v19¬†(updated guide). Thanks¬†@rriski¬†for the contribution!

  • Fixes for¬†trufflehog¬†and¬†buildifier

  • Don't run¬†clang-tidy¬†from LSP by default

  • Run¬†ruff¬†on¬†python-interface¬†files

  • Run¬†prettier¬†on¬†postcss¬†files

  • Run¬†clang-format¬†on¬†cuda¬†files

  • Upgrade¬†ruby-build

  • Don't recommend¬†terrascan¬†by default. Thanks¬†@yu-iskw¬†for the contribution!

  • Add descriptions for each linter

ūüĒß Fixes

  • Add support for¬†pmd@7.0.0

  • Support React-style comments in JSX/TSX files

Note: We do not yet officially support eslint@9.x. If you want to start using it, see our migration guide.